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The Birth and Evolution of Value Investing

The Birth and Evolution of Value Investing The investment world often seems to be hung up on a putative dichotomy between value and growth stocks. Mutual funds are labeled...

LSOFX Q4 2023 Shareholder letter

Insights from Long Short Advisors

The Long and Short of Leverage in Your Portfolio

Investors can easily follow their portfolios' returns by studying monthly or quarterly performance. Assessing and managing risk in a portfolio can be a bigger challenge but is...

Don't Time the Market, Invest in It

Insights from Long Short Advisors

Unpacking the Implications: Rising Interest Rates and their Ripple Effects

Insights from Prospector Partners, Sub Advisor to the LS Opportunity Fund.

Is It Time to Question the 60/40 Portfolio?

A year ago, many market strategists and other pundits were predicting the arrival of a recession in 2023, tumbling rates of inflation by the second half of this year, and multiple...

LSOFX Q3 2023 Shareholder Letter

Current Market Environment In the third quarter, the market seemed to grapple with a "higher for longer" interest rate environment. The benchmark 10-year Treasury rose...

An Environment Built for Long-Short Strategies

As we approach autumn, is the outlook for the economy and financial markets brightening or darkening? On the positive side, US economic growth this year has been more robust than...

It’s Time for Investors to Scrutinize Their Portfolios

We can all agree that periodically rebalancing asset classes is an important discipline in managing diversified, long-term portfolios. Typically, this conjures up a need to make...

LSOFX Q2 2023 Shareholder Letter

Current Market Environment “Don’t get caught up with what other people are doing. Being a contrarian isn’t the key but being a crowd follower isn’t either. You need to detach...

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