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Is it Value’s Time in the Sun?

LSOFX Q1 2023 Shareholder Letter

Financials are More Than Just Banks

Win By Not Losing

LSOFX Q4 2022 Shareholder Letter

Deciphering Long-Short Fund Expense Ratios

The Resurrection of Active Stock-Picking

The Blurry Outlook for 2023

LSOFX Q3 2022 Shareholder Letter

Long Short Equity Due Diligence

Long Short is the New High-Yield Bonds

What Rising Rates Mean

Inflation is as High as a Kite

The King is Dead, Long Live the King

Fixed Income is Flawed

Don’t Poke the Bear, Embrace the Bear

LSOFX Q2 2022 Shareholder Letter

Weathering the Storm

The Good, The Bad, and Hedge Funds

Old School Value Revived

LSOFX Q1 2022 Shareholder Letter

Commodity Prices Remind Us Why We’re Allergic to Leverage

LSOFX Q4 2021 Shareholder Letter

January in Charts: Value Comes Back in a Big Way

Markets within Markets: Three Charts that Put Stock Divergences in Perspective

Does the Bank M&A Wave Still Have Legs?

LSOFX Q3 2021 Shareholder Letter

Tell-tale Signs Management Interests Are Aligned with Shareholders

LSOFX Q2 2021 Shareholder Letter

Value’s Momentum: $15 Billion Quant ETF Goes from 2% to 32% in Financials

An Abundance of Speculation: 2021’s Rise of Risk Assets

Reflections on Value’s Outperformance and Our Outlook Going Forward

LSOFX Q1 2021 Shareholder Letter

Questions We Ask Before We Invest

Industry Spotlight: Property-Casualty Insurance for Commercial Lines

Value Stocks as a Fixed Income Replacement

Do People Really Understand What’s in an Index?

Potential Market Implications of the “Blue Ripple”

LSOFX Q4 2020 Shareholder Letter

Why the Rally in Bank Stocks Can Continue, Part 2

Why the Rally in Bank Stocks Can Continue, Part 1

Banks in 2008 Versus 2020: This Time Part of the Solution

LSOFX Q3 2020 Shareholder Letter

Management Access: A Surprising Bright Spot for Investors During Pandemic

Playing the Recession Playbook in Defense, Part 2

Playing the Recession Playbook in Defense, Part 1

LSOFX Q2 2020 Shareholder Letter

Why Invest in Long Short Now

LSOFX Q1 2020 Shareholder Letter

Crisis Playbook

LSOFX Q4 2019 Shareholder Letter

LSOFX Q3 2019 Shareholder Letter

LSOFX Featured In Mutual Fund Observer

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